It's a myth to believe that stainless steel is truly stainless and impervious to marking and damage. Although it is much easier to care for than other metals such as aluminium, it is still neccessary to look after your stainless steel.

We do not recommend placing stainless steel in the dishwasher. Not if you want to care about the long term maintenance of the product. Dishwashers use extremely high heat and strong chemicals to clean.

This is all detrimental to anything you put in the dishwasher, so for items that you care about or have a decorative or display aspect, keep them away from the dishwasher. Use regular dishwashing liquid and a non abrasive pad to clean these items.

Unlike aluminium, stainless steel does not generally react to water, so you can use stainless steel with water and other liquids, including oils and salad dressings, etc. When you then hand wash them (as recommended) you can even leave them to dry naturally, although you could get some spotting, which towel drying will avoid.

Polished stainless steel does scratch. This is true of all polished stainless steel and care should be taken to avoid scratching, especially if you care about the appearance of the item.

There are a number of stainless steel cleaners and polishes on the market, but none that we have tried will restore polished stainless steel to as new. The best product we have found is "Auotosol" the same one we use on our aluminium peices.
Please contact the manufacturer directly.