Super Fine Handicrafts is India’s leading designer,manufacturer & exporter of variety of metal handicrafts. We mainly focus on exclusive handmade products.Our Coaster Collection is designed by Seema Kauser. Coasters are manufactured by SFH .Our exclusive Coasters are handmade.The Base material is aluminum.All our designs can be customized on request.Have a look at our Coaster Collection.We are working on many new designs.

What is the purpose of the Coasters ?

The coasters are used to avoid scratches on the table.They come in a variety of designs, colors and finishes. 

Where can this product be used?

The coasters are used to avoid scratches on the table.

I am not a wholesaler .Can I get 1 piece?

No.Please read our Samples Policy. Our products are Trade Only.Since all our designs / products are made to order.There is a minimum production quantity required which 100 pieces per design.Manufacturing 1 piece cost us 10 times higher to our wholesale price.So please send us Trade Inquiry Only.

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Coaster Collection catalog No.20103.Download Catalog to view our coaster Collection . Our Catalog is Trade Only.To receive Password to open the catalog.Please E-mail us : [email protected]  Subject: Please send me password-catalog 20103

New Catalog Coming Soon !

Our Team is working on more new designs. Our catalog will be available soon.We are working on hand hammered coasters,Copper Antique,Patina Green,Verdi Green,Elephant Coaster,Animals Coasters,Engraved Coasters,Wine Coasters,Leather Coasters & many more designs.

Coasters product catalog is coming online soon.Please note : All products are made to order. Our minimum production quantity is 100 pieces for any product.  Aluminum Coasters Collection is the perfect blend of beauty and functionality. Our unique collections include both decorative and functional Table Coasters.Practical and stunningly beautiful coasters with native garden birds designs,African animals,Giraffe,Lions,Cheetah,Kangaroo & many other customized designs.Our coasters would make a stunning centre piece for your Kitchen, living room or bedroom! . Every one of these items is made to the very highest quality with a hand finished coloured enamel on the inside. Our Coasters are available Wholesale to Trade Only.

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