General Questions about purchasing a product/products from SUPER FINE HANDICRAFTS.

If you are interested to do business with Super Fine Handicrafts & want to purchase or place an order, Just e-mail/post/Fax  us the item number,Description of the product and quantity. As we receive your e-mail/post, we will reply you within 12 hours or 3 days or weekends. We do wholesale business to Trade Only. Just let us know the Product Code Number & our representative will send you the price quote with product information.

We are Wholesale to Trade Only. We do not keep any ready stock of our products. Our products are made to order. There are many new buyers/importers who visit are website & try to place an order for 1-2 pcs each product.As it costs 4 times higher to Wholesale price of product to  manfacture a sample piece.We are sorry we do not manufacture/ supply 1-5 pieces. Please visit our Sample Terms & Conditions for more information about our Sample Policy.

Sample Terms & Conditions


SFH gives you 100% guarantee of quality. Every product is checked by quality supervisor
prior to packaging.

We are sorry PRODUCT CATALOG CD has been discontinued w.e.f.  12-03-2009 . E-CATALOG can be sent via E-mail or E-Catalog can be downloaded via google drive Free !

As per order contract BY SEA OR AIR.

No, SFH will not return your money back. We first send a counter Sample before starting production of Merchandise. SFH makes two samples. SFH sends one counter sample to our buyer & keeps the second sample with us. On receiving the confirmation from our buyer, we start production according to sample approved by buyer.

If the merchandise you receive from us has any defect, you will have to inform us within 7 days on receiving our merchandise. Although, It never happens as we care a lot about quality.

On receiving the complaint from you our quality controller will review the product for defective results. If he finds any genuine complaint. We will take the matter seriously and will give you compensation. Or We will replace the product/products. We will send the replacement of merchandise in your next order consignment.


Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) SFH accepts is 100 Pcs each product for big size items & 200-300 pcs for small size items.


If you have any problem with your existing Vendor/Supplier, If you are not receiving quality merchandise in time from your existing vendor, If your vendor is demanding high prices for his products.......Then You must contact SFH.

Yes! We will be pleased. We will develop new samples on receiving quantity & order confirmation from you.Your designs are 100% safe with SFH.

You can contact us via e-mail. Our E-mail address is [email protected] Or Drop us a letter M/S SUPER FINE HANDICRAFTS, NEAR BILAL MOSQUE,GALSHAHEED,MORADABAD-244001(INDIA) OR Send us message via

Whats App No. 8057932584



If you are purchasing any merchandise from your existing supplier, SFH offers you same merchandise at 20% Less ! Suppose you import US $ 100000.00 (one lac) merchandise in whole year. SFH will manufacture & supply you same merchandise at 20% Less. Thus You Save US $ 20,000.00

General Questions about Company


Mrs. Seema Kauser is the Manager of SUPER FINE HANDICRAFTS.

You contact Mr.Mohd Shahid (CEO) or Mrs Seema Kauser (Manager) to finalize your Orders.

US $ 1.5 Million US Dollars + other Subsidiary & sister concern companies US $ 3 Million Dollars.

10 Management Team + 20 Workers+(100 Hired as per requirements).

Sorry ! SFH does not send Free Samples to new Buyers. You can visit SFH Showroom on your next Visit to India (appointment only ).

Please Check out our Samples Terms & Conditions for more information.

Yes !

Please check out our Membership Certificate Page.

Contact us via e-mail.Send e-mail to: [email protected] for general enquiry.

Please send an e-mail to [email protected] Sub:I want contact details of Mr. Mohd Shahid

A representative from Super Fine Handicrafts will send you the contact details of Mr. Mohd Shahid

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